Flite Test Community Podcast

A Podcast, For the Community, By the Community.

ftcc podcast hosts

Mike finley

President/official grumpy old man

Ever since Mike was young, every time he heard an airplane overhead he would look for it. Growing up with 6 brothers and a sister, he never had the opportunity to fly full scale or fly RC. Always fascinated with airplanes, he always had his head in the clouds.

While he always looked up for aircraft, adult life and raising a family occupied most all of his time. It wasn’t until later in life did he find RC flight. His first real RC plane was the original Ultra Micro UMX P-51 from ParkZone/EFlite. This was his first and learned to fly it with a passion until it was more tape than foam. Once he felt confident in his flying ability he purchased the ParkZone T-28 and he still has this model today. He found a club (after much searching) that accepted him and was friendly and has been a member since 2011. Flite Test entered his life around October 2011, and he is now completely addicted to this wonderful hobby because of the friends he has found within its community.

Mike loves to fly planes and multirotors, and his favorite flying is float flying. He also spends time taking photographs and video of aircraft, and from aircraft. He is an aspiring photographer and videographer, but knows he has a long way to go to be very good at it, but this doesn’t stop him.

Mike graduated high school in 1981 while working for an ink company in Kansas City, Missouri and has been in the ink manufacturing industry since April 1980. He loves the graphic arts business and held many positions within it, including owning his own ink manufacturing business for about 6.5 years.

He now lives in Shawnee Kansas with the love of his life Sharon Young, and will always have his eyes looking towards the sky.


patrick murphy

chief of relations/chief distraction officer


Patrick has always been fascinated by flight.  Time spent on chuck gliders and rubber powered balsa models as a child led to Patrick taking flying lessons as a teenager.  He soloed on his 16th birthday, but due to lack of money, attending college, then a family, flight training was never completed.

Patrick bought his first RC airplane in 2011, a Hobbyzone Super Cub LP and has been hooked ever since.  He is mostly a fixed wing guy, but does dabble in multirotors when he feels he needs more aggravation in his life.  Patrick enjoys designing and building RC airplanes as evidenced by the copious number of unfinsihed projects in his basement workshop.  His favorite niche in the RC hobby is sailplanes and slope soarers.  

Patrick has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Delaware and a teaching degree from York College of Pennsylvania.  In the engineering field, his jobs included mechanical coordination of equipment in the missile compartment of SSBNs and designing HVAC systems for commercial, industrial and institutional buildings.  In the world of education, Patrick has taught physics, physical science and earth science.  

He lives in Dallastown, Pennsylvania with his wife, Wendy, and two sons, Sean and Seth.  Patrick hopes to complete his flight training someday.  He is still trying to figure out what he wants to do when he grows up.



Joel Cannon

chief of marketing/chief millennial officer


Ever since Joel was a young lad, he was fascinated with aviation, the wonder of being up in the great blue sky always peaked his interest. His dad, fascinated with all things space of course influenced his passion for flight even further. For Joel's 11th Birthday, his dad purchased a Super Firebird XL, [yep that glorious little nickel metal hyrdride powered warm-liner... 2 channels], and after two flights put it into a tree, did not pick up a radio again. When he was 16 his father once again purchased a beginners one hour training in a full scale aircraft. Considering he had not even been behind the wheel of a Car, Joel jumped at the idea of being in control of a full scale plane.

It was not until late 2014, soon after his birthday that he was browsing the web. While looking through Facebook, he stumbled upon an article from a favorite magazine, Make. "How to build a radio controlled aircraft for under $100," he could not resist. After watching all of Lucas Weekly's Videos, he went searching on the three pages that Lucas talked about. Experimental Airlines, Stone Blue Airlines and of course Flite Test. Joel is obligated to keep a relatively small fleet of planes, but he enjoys flying 3D profile planes, his Bushwacker, DLG, and his beloved quadcopters FPV.


ftcc build nites hosts

Ben Greenawalt

chief builder/official fire guy

Ben's RC history starts when he was a mere laddie with a passion for aviation living near Castle AFB in California. His grandmother worked on the base at the officers club so I got to go into a lot of restricted areas and see the planes up close.  He tried a lot of cheap planes as he was growing up and none of them seem to work great, so he got out of it. It wasn't until 6 years ago when he had some success with an air hogs plane that he wanted to go bigger and better. So that's when he went out and bought myself a horizon Delta Ray,  [let it be said it was so awesome]. It was underpowered, prone to stalling, but could take a beating. That's when he found Flite Test and the family that its become. 

So to give a quick rundown on his rc habits. It include planes, especially wings;  but also powered gliders, starting to get into dlg, some 3D stuff and especially quads. More specifically race quads. Basically if it flies, he want to try it. Except for Helis. he hates helis. It's a whirling blade of death.

Eddie Black

chief assistant builder/official ding ding kicker

Eddie Black has always been one to look for fun and adventure even at a young age. Airplanes and flight in general was always a dream of his from wanting to be a pilot of a jet fighter or an astronaut as a child. Rc planes were all nitro and expensive to buy maintain and fly so they were not in the picture for many years. As adult Eddie focused on family and raising his son. He worked long hours and made sure his family had what they needed still holding on to that dream of flight. Every year for the Ketucky Derby Ferstival kickoff there was always an air show which he always watching in person or on television. This keep the dream alive and well. once into his late 30's divorced, he really got the itch and started doing research. Technology had changed so much he was hoping for a cheaper way into the Hobby. He stumbled across a youtube page called FliteTest.......... There is where it all came together.

He studied intently and learned how to build foamboard planes. It as fun easy and inexpensive. Flite Test became part of Eddie and then Flite Fest. Year one Flite Fest sealed the deal He was hooked and could never let this part of his life slip away. It was like Family! He met so many friend that have become main parts of his life. When FTCC was created an idea happened. Eddie wanted to do what he had seen at Flite Fest in a more grand Internet Based Scale. A community build over the intertnet LIVE. With the help of Patrick Murphy they were able to test many options until they were settled on google Hangouts. After that Eddie and Ben Greenawalt were able to pitch it to the guys at Flite Test. They loved the idea and Booked them for Flite Fest 2016. This made the lasting impression they he had fullfiulled one part of his dream and was able to not only love the hobby but give back in a grand scale.